Pale blue sky emerged at dawn while the isolated gale blew at the precinct to sweep away the quiet bore. Dim glow form the street lamp merged with the gradual daylight brightened up the pathway for the Joggers when the track was closed down for renovation. Instead of travelling on the busy straight path to my painting station, I took the route from behind the viewing platform. I walked pass the Tai Chi Square, where the coach was early preparing for the class and a few regulars greeted her. The pathway by the side of the tennis courts was empty and quiet without the Snake Dancing group and so as the area by the side of the basketball field. At the cluster of the metal canopy, I sat peacefully on the bench and select one of the unfinished pictures to paint. Though the view on the walking track has been painted too many times, but the color tones created another sense of mood encouraged me to repeat. I tried to concentrate on my work sensing that something weird might occur soon. It was not too long that the expected wired transpire. A foreign maid accompanying an old woman walked pass in front staring at me. She swore at me with bad comments, and I said her that it was a nuisance for an unkind person to swear. The annoyance stopped me to carry on with the work though the result of the picture was not yet my satisfaction. And I calmly packed to leave.


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