I did not get out of bed until the alarm clock ring the second time. Dawn burst to cast light onto the gloomy precinct where the electric glows from the office canopy change the tones to greenish. A few park regulars walking to and fro in the cool air, and some of them entered the park like students attending school. Neither silhouettes nor shadows of plants were found on the pathway but flashing gestures and footstep of people. Some people gathered at the lounge of the booking office for various reasons that I was not in the mood to find out because I was worrying about what to paint without shadows of plants cast on the paper. Arriving at the cluster of the metal canopy, I saw a few people jogged on the pathway when the track was blocked for renovation and the area by the side of the basketball field was still empty when daylight gradually turning bright. Then I randomly picked out one of the unfinished pictures to add hues on the part depicting the frontal view. At the bottom of the page two silhouettes of oldies exercising, to stop them looked floating in the air I added a plant bed with hedges by the side. When I was tried to connect the top part of the picture with lines to indicate mega buildings locate at the far side of the park, the old guy carrying his noise radio arrived with his nosy maid announce the end of the painting time.


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