On the breezy precinct I saw pale blue sky when dawn breaking earlier each day. The temperature remained similar these few days and I felt cool in my thick jacket and woolen hat when people began to wear thin and short sleeves. Though the jogging track was shut down for renovation, park regulars made no complaints but enjoying the natural phenomenon of spring excitingly. Knowing that there would be no hope to paint the shadow of plants cast on the drawing paper, I hurried to my painting station. I saw the group of oldies crowding the area by the side of the basketball field when I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy. They muttered dimly echoing to the yells from the tennis players at the tennis courts, while vehicles carrying their passengers to work also roaring on the highway behind to began a busy day of work. Since it was too bright to capture the shadows cast on the paper that I took out one of the pictures, did some days ago,  to paint on top. I found the contrast of the shadows becoming stronger when I added more paints onto the images of the frontal view. However, peaceful moment did not last long when the guy carrying his noise radio approaching with his nosy foreign maid. For the reason to maintain my relax feeling I chose to pack.


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