I tried to get up before dawn in the chill. At the lounge of the residential building I met one of the park regulars, she said to me that the main gate of the park has been blocked to shut down for renovation. She advised me to enter the park via the side gate opened near the high way. I did not mean not to believe her, but my curiosity urged me to find out the cause and the situation she described. Wind blew on the dim and quiet precinct, as I approached near the main gate of the park meeting people travelling to and fro while the gate was opened wide. After the usual snapshots I walked along the straight path in alert but nothing unusual was found. Since I was delayed at the lounge that daylight was turning too bright for me to capture the branch shadows cast on the paper. So I took my time and casually depicted shadows of a few branches at the top page and my shoulders at the bottom corners. The crowd of oldies soon arrived to enjoy exercising in the cool breeze under the large paper skin tree that I was depicting. The pine leave on the tree was dark green with some fresh green buds spouting at the tip of the bunches, however, with the limited hue left on the palette box, I found it difficult to mix the range, which finally turned out muddy….


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