The cold current dropped the temperature further down to 11o C this morning. Drizzles kept falling on the dark precinct where a few people returned home for umbrellas. I met the white hair nasty guy, right at the entrance of the park while taking snapshots, seemed to have lost interest to do anything harmful to me. I carried on entering the park walking steadily on the wet ground where shallow water pools have been gathered without reflecting images. Though it was stilly gloomy but late that I have no notion to care if the Tai Chi or the Snake Dancing groups were present along the deadly quiet pathways. In order to catch up with the time to paint the shadows before they might fade, at the cluster of the metal canopy, I quickly overlaid the bench without seeing if it was wet or not. After all the hurries, I discovered that all the fresh drawing papers have been used up. So I decided to paint on one of the half finish pictures, painted with shadows a few days ago. But there was no need to hurry because I have to wait for the daylight to see the view at the front. Meanwhile instead of hearing people’s voices, I heard a cuckoo whistled sharply and another bird responded. More birds around the park started to echo, mingling with the dim roar from the vehicles on the highway behind me. Fewer people visiting the park on this cold and misery morning gave me a peace of mind to enjoy working attentively amongst the sounds of birds. At the same time with limited hue left on the palette box, I highlighted the picture with orange foliage, which seems to fall from the lose branches soon.


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