A cold air current attached Hong Kong this morning again. Walking on the chilly precinct I felt warm in my thick jacket and woolen scarf. In the dark shadowy park I heard mutters of people without sight of them. Shadows of trees cast sharply on the straight path embracing me with the canopies spout at the treetops from the rows of trees grow on both sides. At the booking office, the park attendants strode shivering up and down waiting for assignments from the supervisor. Approaching the cluster of the metal canopy, I saw a couple of people in silhouettes siting on the benches, and later I discovered one of them of was the guys used to sit for exercise, the other one was the guy smoked cigarette to pop poisonous smoke a couple of week ago. I calmly settled down trying not to draw their attention toward me. While I was I trying to capture the fading cluster of shadows on the paper, one of the guys departed, leaving the smoking guy behind, he suddenly stood up to hit a few stroke of kung fu complementing loud yelling that gave me a fright. I did not notice his departure when the noise woman yelled greeting to her buddies. Spring did not urge the plant to bear new buds, but dehydrated the green plants to turn brownish red and fell to leave behind stark branches on the trees. However the orange red foliage remains to highlight the gloomy park and so as my picture.


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