The wind dropped but it was still cold at the gloomy precinct. Dawn broke enable me to clearly see the back of the park regulars as I walked behind them along the straight path. No tennis players queuing at the booking office but a father and his son carrying a netted basketball sat waiting on the bench by the side of the court. On the jogging track, I nearly fell over by stepping on the shallow water pools left behind by the rain fell last night. Park regulars were exercising at the near by area when I arrived at my painting station, and I felt no time to waste before the shadows of the branches might fade away. The shadows of the branches fell on paper were weak so I moved the paper up and down trying t collect a cluster of them to compose the picture with consideration on the view that would be painted after the shadows. I leisurely enhanced the tones of the shadows captured while daylight gradually turning bright just leaving the right bottom area to depict the front view. Meanwhile I saw a couple of small trees, behind the big paper skin tree, which leaves was turning orange green and fell to leave the branches stark….


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