The temperature seemed to have gone up a litter, but the precinct still was very dark. When I took snapshot at the entrance of the park, the nasty white hair guy emerged from the shade behind the gate like a ghost, I stood firm on my feet waiting for him to walk pass with no chance to hit me. On the straight path, I saw new hedge plants grow scatter along under the row of trees, providing ample space to see through pasture of the soccer field and beyond, where glows of the streetlamp cast shadows of the plants onto the ground. I met a few park regulars and a big built basketball player walking quietly on the calm shadows when the wind dropped without swaying the foliage.  At the lounge of the booking office, I felt surprise to hear a couple of oldies chatted silently, like secret, about the accident occurred at the MTR last night, anyway I felt happy that those incident shifted their nosy attention from me. Sitting on the bench at the cluster of the metal canopy scanning around for a view to paint, I saw some of the walkers feeling annoyed to found the blockage and the renovation materials remained same as yesterday. I wondered if my occupation at the canopy would be the cause  to delay the renovation plan. By the way to do the morning painting should be the only mission to worry, so I shifted the position on the bench to collect some different cluster of shadows to paint. After randomly splashing both lines and patches of paints onto the paper, I added some violet blossom vaguely seen on the trees beyond the basketball field. Spring is actually creeping in ….


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