Cool and dry wind blew the winkle foliage to scatter on the ground. I kicked them along the way to the park, making blistering sound that woke me from my drowse. I met a few people, including the nasty ones, already wandering inside the park. The birds chipped  cheerfully  accompanying me to travel on the shadowy straight path alone. Reaching the cluster of the metal canopy, I saw the benches covering with uncertain shades of the branches and the pillars of the canopy, which did not interest me at all, especially when the old guy, he used to sit on the bench next to me, returned to hum flirtingly after a few days’ absence. To avoid his irritating noise, I was thinking of leaving the canopy for another location to paint but the drawing kit has been laid out. So I took out the unfinished sketch made yesterday and simply splash strokes for shadows of the branches that fell on the picture. And finally I added the shadow of my shoulder to wrap the picture unpremeditatedly.


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