The holiday of the “Chinese New Year” ended today. People either going to work or exercise in the park began to fill the dim precinct. I entered the shadowy park meeting silhouettes of people wandering up and down and noise of them mingled with the roars of the vehicle pervading the straight path without the chirping of the birds. With the glow shone from refreshment machine, I saw another group of people waiting idol on the bench and the counter top at the lounge of the booking office. Reaching the cluster of the metal canopy, I did not see the illegal guy sleeping on the bench but the oldies crowed the area by the side of the basketball. After settling on the bench I held the drawing paper up and down but unable to collect a desirable a cluster of shadows that might look different from those painted before. In order to catch up with the time to paint the shadows I felt reluctant to find another solution but continue drawing lines, splashing patches of color tones, and filling in the space on the paper between the shadows.


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