Drizzles stopped early in the morning leaving a wet floor at the empty precinct. I saw no one, not even the security guards, but a trolley loaded with newspaper left at the entrance of a residential building. I walked alone to enter the shadowy park glancing a shadow flashed pass on the jogging track while the birds began to chirp on the trees. I felt less scary to have the bird accompanying me when walking through the transcendent tunnel to access my painting station. After the quiet straight path I reached the pathway in between the tennis courts, on the shaded benches under the concrete canopies I glanced, out the corner of my eyes, moving silhouettes of people sleeping. Meanwhile I heard timid sweeping noise wafting from beyond the tennis courts, all this strange coincident aroused my cautious mind travelling on this gloomy pathway. Again another silhouettes flipped quietly by the side of the basketball field then I realized that not everybody have the fortune to enjoy family occasion on the grand event of the Chines New Year. I then found my place to work without interruption. I sat on the bench comfortably with my legs crossed, so that the drawing paper can rest in between of my crooked ankles. I did not remember if the cluster of shadows fall my paper had been drawn before, but I used a tough haired brush to outline the shapes of the foliage. Forgetting to pour water onto the dish, I drew dry lines until daylight reveal the situation. Under the dim light I splash some blue on the shadow of my ankle, then I saw the sewage gutter by the side of the jogging track, and I depicted it to wrap the picture.


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