Chilly wind blew round the corner of the precinct this morning, but that did not discourage people visiting the park. I chose to access my painting station via the straight path rather than the path behind the viewing platform, so that I would not meet the gossip guy. But I smelled a much stronger stinky smells wafting from the newly pasted artificial pastures of the soccer field. That reminded me about the poisonous artificial materials used for other soccer fields. I speeded up my walking pace up to avoid the smell. It was empty and quiet at the cluster of the metal canopy, so I quickly started to work. Besides the shadows of the branches a couple of shadows of my shoulders were also cast at both bottom corners of the page. The wind began to blow when I was outlining the branches, which position was then unable to reallocate. So I added on the shadows of my shoulders and splash paints onto another cluster of shadows. Noise of wafted from the oldies, gathered by the side of the basketball field, drew my attention and, so to wrap the picture up, I put some of their moving gestures to fill up the empty space. …


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