Walking down the dimly cool precinct, I saw the crescent moon hanging upon the navy blue sky. After the Solar Term “Great Cold” arrived a couple of weeks ago the weather began to forecast the phenomenon of spring. People seemed to enjoy the cold but not chilly weather that they did not mind visiting the park in the dark, while members of the various activities groups gathered at the usual sports ready to practice their exercises. A gossip guys stopped to chat with one of the nasty women of the dancing group in the middle of the pathway by the side of the tennis courts, blocking my way to access my painting station. It was too long to wait for them to finish their long lasting chats that I turned to walk on the pathway between the tennis courts. By the time I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy, the shadows of the branches cast on the drawing paper was getting weak that I quickly picked up any cluster to depict. The breeze blew them to sway to become blur, so I outlined them with the brush first instead splashing strokes of paints. But then the same cluster of shadow lost the density of tones and scales. Without considering the quality of the paints, I splash washy stokes on the shifted shadows while daylight was gradually turning bright and the travellers shimmering close in front of me. Again without tones contrast on cold and warm tones, shadows of my shoulder and the branches did not reveal sense of depth at all. So I tried to use small and short lines to draw trees and pine leaves in between them. …


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