The cold weather fulfilled the phenomena of the Chinese Solar Terms “ Great Cold ” when the temperature began to drop before the Chinese New Years in a weeks’ time. Seeing through the silhouetted stark branches of the trees the view was far and clear when most of the dry foliage have almost released from the treetops. All the activity groups seemed happy to receive the long waiting winter and got ready for exercise when I met them on the way to my painting station. Also the roar of the vehicles from the highway joined in to cheer, overwhelmed the noises of the gossips. I began to find excitement no more to see the shadows of the branches fell from behind me  onto the drawing paper. The reason to keep on painting them was because I have not yet resolved the visual impact upon the combination of the seen and unseen layers of the real objects that were painted co-existing on the same space of the drawing paper, while daylight gradually arrive to process the change the intensity of color and the visual conformation of the view. I began to query myself what color tones or forms should be depicted upon the transection of time and space? Was I remained consciously in reality or subconsciously in the illusive four dimensions when drawing in the park? …


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