Rain fell since last night. The ground was wet in the dimly glowed precinct and drizzles flitting upon the people who strode in their umbrellas. Rain obviously stopped when I enter the park where a few park regulars wandering here and there steadily without carrying umbrellas. Under the misty sky, the pathway looked much darker and the streetlamp shone yellower glow to cast shadows of the plants. The coach of the Tai Chi group was already practicing warm up exercise while the dancing group did not dance by the side of the tennis courts. I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy noticing an oldie, standing right in front of viewing direction kept stretching his body by the side of the basketball field. I did not bother to find out his intention but to pursue my plan to paint the shadows of the braches cast by the glow of the streetlamp behind me. Shadows cast on the paper began to move and fade though the breeze did not blow too hard while the daylight began to grow. The oldie on wheelchair arrived complaining about the damp bench and meanwhile rain fell again. The sky was still gloomy, under the intensifying daylight I felt happy to see the tones of the shadows painted on the drawing paper. To fill up the background of the picture, I added the wooden beam partition of the jogging tracks when the joggers were out of sight.


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