I felt the chill as I turned round the corner of the precinct. Besides a few silhouettes of people walking under the dim glow, it was quiet all the way to the park. The greeting voices of the park regulars were clearly heard in the cold air and the birds soundlessly stayed away from the cold weather. Only the coach of the Tai Chi group was warning up herself for the class, and seeing no sight of the dancing group. I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy and prepare to work immediately while it was still very quiet and dark. I discovered that different cluster of shadows cast by the glow of the streetlamp, could be collected when I shift the paper in vary angles. I felt happy too soon for the discovery when I heard loud singing voice approaching from the jogging track. I then anxiously splashing stokes of paints with colors randomly pick up from the palette. It was the guy who used to sit exercising on the bench next to me sang loudly. I turned on my recorder and listen to a program on morning dew, where the chirpings of the early bird replaced those birds, which supposed to be singing on the trees above. I felt calm again by listing to the recorder but not the sounds made by the other people in the park. Meanwhile I subconsciously wondered if I prejudice those park regulars who might make nuisance to disturb me working when they behave not in the manner as I expected. However, the structure that I planned to paint for the picture has been interrupted, when color of the hues revealed by daylight was far weirder than what I expected when I mixed them in the dark. So I stopped painting to maintain the felt sense of the work.



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