Gale wind blew howling round the corner of the precinct where fewer people wandered on the shadows of trees. I entered the park with a few people who cared not if they might hit me while I was taking snapshots at the entrance square, and then they quickly disappeared on the shadowy pathway. The park became quiet again with no sight of moving creatures, especially when the dancing group not yet arrives. I walked alone to reach the cluster of the metal canopy, where the oldies gathered by the side of the basketball field moving about like a trop. I took out a piece of drawing paper to collect shadows cast from the glow of the streetlamp behind, but I found almost the same cluster that I depicted a couple of days ago. The only difference they made was another cluster of shadows from the neighbor branches swayed to enter the paper when the wind blew hard. I spent time to catch, observe, discover and to reallocate the composition of the shadows swaying violently on the paper. Sharpe images kept reforming and blurring according to the acceleration of the wind blow that reminded me about the gestures of the clouds floating freely upon the sky, which is equally difficult to capture.


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