I saw silhouettes of people wandering along the dim precinct to the park. The cool and fine weather maintained for a few days that the park regulars were pleased to keep their outing schedules, while I also enjoyed the cool temperature to work in the park. On the shadowy pathway I saw the park regulars carrying out their pursuits without interfering each other and the birds chirped happily on the trees adding cheers to vitalize the gloomy atmosphere. It was still very dark by the time I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy seeing silhouettes of the oldies moving about by the side of the basketball field. Quietly I took out a piece of fresh drawing paper to allocate shadows of branches cast from the street lamp behind me. As I kept shifting the position of my body towards the left hand side, the shadows cast on the paper were getting weak because of the distance of the lamppost on the right hand was far. At the same time the shadow of my woolen hat became part of the shadow composition too. I began to get use to the gloom when I mix the hues on the palette and could vaguely identify the warm and cool tones. Under the gradual daylight I began to see the branches painted in various tones of warm and cool, leaving the right corner of the paper blank. So I depicted some moving gestures of the oldies and a tree in green foliage above them. And then it was time leave when the nasty arrived with his noisy radio.


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