The precinct was dry and quiet on the second day of the year. A thin layer of misty fog covered the slate blue sky as flat as a pancake. I met no body until I went pass the viewing platform where the gossip group chatted quietly by the railing at the bottom. A couple of fan dancer folding their fans sharply as they danced at the Buzzy square, while the other exercise dancing group swept the soft violet petals to the edge of the plant bed along the pathway by the side of the tennis courts. A few oldies already gathered by the side of the basketball field chatted loudly on the subject to announce their superiority among the oldies group in the park. I got used to and trying to ignore those activities that might cause me trouble. I quickly prepared to paint when it was still dark and happy to find a dense composition of branches silhouettes cast clearly onto my drawing paper. But when I was anxiously depicting them, the breeze rose to sway them diagonally up and down upon the surface of the paper. I did not wait but continue to capture the moving gestures as well as the blurring  shadows when they began to fad. Daylight  turned bright revealing the reddish warm tones that I randomly selected on the palette in the gloom. With a better control on the amount of water, the effect of tonal layers was achieved. To enhance the story of the picture I inserted flat images of the basketball player who just arrived to do warm up practice.


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