It was cool and dry on the last day of the year. The precinct was empty meeting no other park regulars but the newspaperwoman pulling a heavy trolley full of newspaper. I walked alone towards the park meeting the white hair nasty guy at the entrance. Under the yellowish glow from the streetlamp I saw his furious face, at that instant a sense of fear trusted up to my throat. The scary sense kept on stirring my mind through out the way to my painting station, when I saw the gossip group stationed at the bottom of the viewing platform, the Tai Chi members began to gather and worst of all was the dancing group crowding the pathway by the side of the tennis courts. I dare not walked straight on the pathway, but twisting from side to side to avoid hitting them. I reached the cluster of metal canopy finding the guy at the other end of the canopy ready to leave after his brief exerciser. Then I began to settle and scan around the view for the last time, because I was concerning what to do tomorrow after completing the picture this morning. Without many thoughts I took out the picture, which started a couple of days ago, and continue to add dark tones atop, because the picture might absorb bright color to convert the picture to look messy. Daylight turning bright and the oldies gathered by the side of the basketball field yell greeting to each other. And the sharp voice of the nasty woman brought to my attention, which stirred my mind up again and I decided to make a pause for the years’ work.


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