Temperature dropped by the cold current from Canton, which has been forecasted by the observatory a few days ago. The regulars in thick clothes went the to park for their daily activities as usual. While I was taking snapshots at the gate of the park, I met the white hair nasty guy and a few park regulars departing and lucky though he did not hit me. The dancing group flowed behind excitingly looking forward to practice the group dance in the cold air. In order to get rid of the noisy crowd, I speeded up my walking pace to head for my painting station also for the reason to catch the painting time in the dark when the sky was gradually turning light blue from navy color. At the cold and quiet cluster of the metal canopy I heard mutters from the couple of oldies exercising by the perimeter fence of the basketball field. Being embrace by vital activities in the gloom, I took out the last painting of the panorama for shadows painting. Daylight gradually turning bright weakening the shadows cast on the picture from the glow of the streetlamp behind. I quickly mixed some tones with the same color hue that I used on the previous mornings. And so I splashed a few strokes to complete the painting the shadows, which had been diminished.


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