I got up late after switching off the alarm clock. The silhouettes of the dancing group walked on the dim precinct ahead of me. They gathered noisily at the canopy by the side of the tennis courts, when the gossip group dismissed. As a passer-by to them, I hurried my way on the shadowy pathway to the cluster of the metal canopy. While it was the only time I worry about the gloom might diminish too fast, because I planned to draw the cast shadows onto the picture. The guy, who used to sit for exercise on the bench next to me, arrived at the canopy at the same time, but we did not greet each other. I quickly took out the picture placing it against the glow from the streetlamp behind me, and found the shadow too vague to reveal shapes in identify forms. They also began to blur gradually by the intensifying daylight. I mixed candy red together with sapphire blue in the dark and splash them fast while the faint shadows kept floating on the paper. Cool breeze also blew wafting the chats of the oldies from the perimeter fence of the basketball field. No player attended the court yet, while the park attendant swept the falling foliage and violet petals on the ground. Though daylight was still turning bright, but I decided to leave early when the picture was done.


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