Cool breeze blew on the dim precinct while a few park regulars strode to the park. I wondered why they were in such hurry for morning exercise, which I supposed it to be a relaxing daily activity. Faint chemical smell pervaded the area around the newly renovated soccer field discouraging me to access the viewing platform to paint. Without considering to climb up there I carried on my way to the cluster of the metal canopy. On the way I met the coach of the Tai Chi group practicing fan dance at the Tai Chi Square, and under the strong yellowish glow of the highway streetlamp, I saw the gossip group chatted inside the canopy by the side of the tennis courts, which content was never my cup of tea. I reached my painting station, while the guy stretched his legs on the bench at the other end of the canopy. And so I quietly prepared to paint so that he might not notice my presence. Under the misty sky, the glow from the streetlamp cast sharp silhouettes onto my picture though they swayed from side to side. The floating shadows swayed to become blurry from time to time, and in order to reallocate the positions of the those painted shadows, I needed to keep shifting my picture up and down according to the direction of the blowing breeze unit my hand was too numbly to hold the picture up in the air. I splashed strokes of paints mixed with ocean blue and orange without seeing what the actual hue was in the dark, and the tone painted on the picture turned out to look weird under the faint daylight. Anyway the guy sat on bench behind me mutters irritating noises that I chose to leave than continuing to struggle for relevant hue to paint.


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