Today is the “Winter Solstice” of the Chines solar terms. Which is the shortest day of the year, while the position of the sun is located at 270 o of the solar orbit. Breezy wind blew on the cool and dim quiet precinct when a few people enjoyed wandering at the entrance of the park. Besides the Hot Topic group, I found not too many people visiting the newly renovated viewing platform of the soccer field, perhaps they could not stand the left behind stinky chemicals like me. Under the navy blue sky I carried my weary footsteps heading for the cluster of the metal canopy, while on the way meeting the Tai Chi and the Gossip group warming up their bodies busily. Thick dark clouds overwhelmed the sky leaving a gap for dawn to break through and I saw a couple of guys  taken the other two benches next to mind, exercising in the gloom. To avoid hearing to their nasty and provoking conversation that might make me feel anxious to leave, I put on a pair of earphone before starting to paint. The earphone did not scan too much noise, and I felt amazing to find that the sounds of the program from my recorder swapping in alternate with the chats of the guys’. The sounds vibrated flicking within my ears urging me to choose what to hear…. Weak daylight emerged through the clouds changing the hue of the scenery according to the intensifying brightness. When I was in the mist of sorting out the changing hue, a woman slip in the area in front of my painting view. She enjoyed stretching her body while I felt unbearable to work any longer….


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