On the cool and dry precinct, I met a few people heading for the park. Without the renovation materials stacked by the side of the soccer field, the view seen through the pasture of the field was vast and wide, yet that could not persuade me to return painting at the viewing platform when the Hot Topic group stationed there. With no notion to allocate alternate location to paint I carried on my way to the cluster of the metal canopy. In the gloom, I saw a stranger sat stretching his body, on the bench next to the one I used to sit for painting that alerted my precautious mind. Anxiety distracted my painting mood when I carefully settling down to paint. But then I was unable to deal with the paints mixed on the palette especially when daylight turning bright to gradually change the hue of the view. The serious of monochrome green painted on the picture turned out fattening the perspective view at the rear of the park, and the sense of depth lost instantly. Knowing that the picture might soon be ruined that I gave up to paint any further but packed.


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