The cold weather persisted this morning. Joggers in shot sleeves enjoyed jogging in the cool wind while walkers walking in speedy paces on the shadowy pathway. I took the route behind the viewing platform of the soccer field, finding the blockages at the bottom of the staircase were removed to the side of the plant beds. I felt disappointed that the viewing platform was opened to public a day late because I have started a new sketch at the cluster of the metal canopy yesterday morning. After a several glances at the cleared up platform, I carried on my way to my painting station, when neither the Tai Chi nor the Gossip group was  met. Though it was dark, joggers stared at me with wired eyesight’s, which did not bother much, because I wanted to paint as much as my body could withstand the chills. Daylight turned bright much faster than my brush could paint, while the guys, who used to sit on the bench next to me chatted excitingly on the subject of their relics collection. I tried patiently to keep the link of observation on the scenery under the distracting situation, but then decided to pack when the guy carrying his noisy radio joined the crowd.


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