A cold current arrived from China drops the temperature. People striding on the dim and cold precinct put on thick clothes to protect themselves against the phenomenal weather. I did not know if they were being unkind to me that they almost shaded the lens of my camera when dashing from behind me, and my experience on their weird behaviors alerted my precaution against them. On the way to my painting station in the chilly cold, both the Tai Chi and the Gossip groups were early; I felt fine that they did not make any unpleasant gestures to me. A guy arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy at the same time as me and he started exercising at left side of the canopy. I scanned around the environment and inevitably chose to continue the panoramic view on the right hand side. This time I changed my tactic on sketching the view, that means instead of outlining the geometric forms as guides for scale and perspective measurements, I started to depict the objects in the foreground. And by doing so, I was surprised to see those objected chosen to depict became the sole focus of my vision, while those objects at the rear background were scanned away subconsciously. Is that was what people described as a condition of being transcended when a person works in deep concentration? Anyway the noisy radio carried by the nasty guy  brought me back to reality and urging me to pack.


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