I woke up without hearing the alarm clock and so I jumped out of bed to set off to the park immediately. On the dim, cool precinct people wearing short sleeves wandered up and down. The entrance square of the park was clean and clear while people enjoyed jogging on the track and walking on the pathway. Along the way to my painting station at the cluster of the metal canopy, I did not see the coach of the Tai Chi group and the gossip group dismissed. I heard chats wafting from direction of the basketball field, where I vaguely saw a couple of oldies stretching their bodies in the gloom. I quickly took the unfinished picture and continue to paint while daylight gradually turning bright. Under the faint daylight I saw the scenery in layers of defined tones quite clearly though the color hues were not sure. I rapidly captured the moment to identify the trees at the foreground and those plants in the middle ground by laying down various green hues in terms of warm and cool, so that a sense a depth would be created. However I painted the frontal hedge plants too big to hide the sketchy lines of the perimeter fence behind creating a problem to sort. And then I lost my patience to handle the problem when I heard the oldies murmuring nasty comments on me and I decided to pack.


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