Temperature rose to reduce the coldness in the morning. More people visited the park as early as me. They wandered here and there and even in front of my camera without caring if they might hit people in the gloom. Anyway I got used to their inconsiderate behavior and carry on with my way. The pathway by the side of the soccer field has been cleared but residues remained at the viewing platform. I discovered that I was not the only one wishing to access the viewing platform while other park regulars admired the newly renovated soccer field too. Meanwhile I still have the undone picture to be finish at the cluster of the metal canopy by the side of the basketball field. Sitting on the bench waiting for daylight to turn bright I felt park-sick because I might leave this place soon and inevitably terminate the project. So I tried to catch the very last precious moment to paint. It was then the nasty woman returned to scold at me fixing my eyesight on the view, which swept away my yearning desire but to paint in anxiety again. Perhaps I should put on my earphone again to scan their lousy noise, yet at the same time I might have to give up listening to the sounds of the environment….


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