It was almost dead quiet on the precinct and along the way to the park. The renovation material stacked by the side of the canopy at the entrance square and those on the pathway by the side of the soccer field were getting less and less. Since the bisected pathways on either side of the oval plant bed have been cleared that enable me to take snapshots upon the sky. On the slate blue sky, I saw clouds hanging low at the top of the residential towers and at the same I felt drizzles flitting on my hands when I stretch it out to catch a handful. I speeded up my walking pace and meeting the gossip group whom had lost interest on me because I did not response to their nasty comment about the Chicken University. I reached the cluster of the metal canopy in the dark when the time has gone pass 6:30. I started to paint immediately without realizing that wrong color tones had been used. People on the jogging track moved slower than before deterring my anxiety to work amongst them. I patiently drew the tedious details within the gaps of the grid fence and suddenly discovered the spring moss hue painted on the trees trunks a little while ago. The palette plate covered with warm yellow hues to prove the irreversible mistakes made. Though the color tone did not appeared relevant to the actual objects but I felt please to see a sense of harmony instead of misery created on the picture….


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