Under the slate blue sky, several people wandered up and down at the cool, dim precinct. I took snapshots without expecting the photos to reveal proper images. Stinky smell kept pervading at the entrance square of the park, where people preferred to stay away. On the shadowy pathway near the perimeter fence of the soccer field, renovation materials packed in tube bags became fewer and fewer sparing open space to access the field. I stepped on the plant bed for snapshots and looking forward to return to the viewing platform when it might be opened to the public again. The Tai Chi Group was preparing for their games while the gossip group not yet arrive. Settling on the bench at the cluster of the metal canopy, I sketched the view on the right side of the last. I bracketed the contents of the picture by drawing a paper skin tree on the left side and a portion of the canopy pillar on the right. Daylight turned bright drawing more people to visit the park, while they did not yelled greeting each other but busy talking their daily events. The view I chose to sketch was found complex under the bright daylight, but I felt calm to work in the cool breeze and patiently adjusting the perspectives of the overlaying perimeter fence. And I reminded myself to work carefully on the primal layer of watercolor picture, especially when filling in the spaces in between the grid of the perimeter fence, so that the picture could be kept fresh and clean.


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