I met an old woman at the elevator of my residential tower; she dashed a head of me to the park after a brief greeting. I was busy taking the usual snapshots without paying much attention to her. The time was actually gone pass six in the morning, but it was so dark that the park regulars deferred their visiting schedule. As I was approaching the soccer field, a scent of revolting chemicals wafted from the perimeter fence, which was painted the night before. The renovation of the field was almost done but lingering for the final touch. While I was looking forward to climb up to the viewing platform again where is a comparatively saver place to work than any other areas in the park. For the mean while I speeded up my walking pace to head for my painting station when the Tai Chi group was ready to start their game. In the gloom, I tried to mix relevant color while only the cast shadows on my picture were revealed, but daylight arrived to proof the wrong color tones applied, which messed the fresh sketch up. I felt confusing and discouraged when the passer-by yelling loudly to the park regulars exercising on the bench next to me. And I failed to work any longer in fear of further disturbance.


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