The temperature has gone up a few degrees but the coolness remains. Misled by the weather forecast people put on fewer clothes wandered shivering in the park. Along the way to my painting station, I took my usual snapshots with no hope to obtain visible images on the photographs, which maintains as a kind of record. The coach of the Tai Chi Group was early preparing the class while the gossip group was absent. By the time I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy, a guy appeared in silhouette sitting at the bench on the other end of the canopy. Perhaps I knew who that guy was in the dark and leave him alone, because I did not want to stir up matters beyond my painting temperament. I saw shadows of the branches flowing on the paper that I was ready to start a new sketch. I study them against the previous picture having no notion to make any adjustment. I sat calmly on the bench watching the enormous scenery of the park, feeling wanting to release the burden on painting panoramic picture. And the concept to maintain the quality of the individual segmental picture retuned. I also needed to accept the fact that under disturbing situation of the busy area, I would not be able to complete a picture a morning. So I settled patiently and put my attentive effort on observation than fearing the nasty behavior of the park regulars. I started to sketch with color pencil, which color was not seen, and bravely depicted a couple of old women chatting under the trees. I also planned conclusively the structure of the view against the cubic size of the paper, and to add on more details as daylight gradually turning bright. Cold weather and late dawn deferred the visiting schedule of the park regulars, which also reduced my endurance to work in the cold and dam.


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