I believed this was the coldest morning since winter began. I wrapped myself in thick clothes that gave me warmth in the chilly blow of wind. At the quiet precinct, the glows of streetlamp and the office canopy were getting weak under the slate blue sky. I walked alone to enter the park where no body was met but the silhouettes of trees accompanied me with the vague shadows of trees swaying on the pathway. Since I planned to map the shadows of the branches casted onto the picture from the trees behind, I did not wish the daylight to turn bight too soon when the yellowish highway street lamps shone at the cluster of the metal canopy was getting weak. However, the natural phenomenal was not under my control while daylight gradually turning bright to further weaken the shadows. I mixed some tones in the dark quickly trying to catch up with the shades before they faded out under the daylight. I felt chilly when passers-by approached bringing my consciousness back to reality. Rain eventually came to a pause while birds chirped hopping amongst the trees, they led my eyesight to see the violet blossom blooming bravely on the row of tress. On my way back home, I saw not loss petals but blossoms laid covering the artificial pasture of the soccer field, which renovation progress has come to a pause by the bad weather.


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