Bright lights glowed brightly, from the window of the office tower against the navy blue sky, while wind blew to sway the trees casting moving shadows on the ground. I stepped on the moving shadows together with some silhouettes of people reached the gloomy entrance square, where morning regulars enjoyed jogging and walking in the cool air. Since it was too dark for the camera to expose images on the digital photos under the shades of the large paper skin trees, so I carried on travelling on the shadowy pathway and meeting a few people wandering around the perimeter of the soccer field. New artificial grass pads almost covered the ground of the field while I was curious to find out and record how the field plan was properly laid. The gossip group, seemed to accept the cold weather, sat chatting under the canopy by the side of the tennis courts. I walked pass them quickly to head for my painting station hoping it would not be too busy at the cluster of the metal canopy. In the gloom I could not clearly see the painted images on the sketch but swaying shadows. I instantly realised that to capture the daily discovery caused by  natural phenomenon should be the appropriated, purpose to work in the park,then insisting stubbornly on sorting out the panoramic view, which had been painted for a long while, and at the same being disturbed unbearably by the passers-by. But I did not bring extra sheet of paper, which  meant the idea…


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