Rain kept on falling since a couple of days ago. The temperature began to drop as “Light Snow “ of the solar terms began yesterday. Cold weather together with misty rain obviously discouraged people visiting the park as dawn broke late too. I walked pass the pavilion behind the soccer field hearing cough from a guy whose silhouette was vaguely seen inside the opaque shelter. I dared not looking and dash my way unit I reached the pavilion at the empty Tai Chi Square where I glanced a body laid on one the benches, at that instant my sense of fear urged me to speed my walking pace up. At the opposite side of the glass highway tunnel, a guy moving his weary body under the canopy by the side of the tennis courts, stared at me. I tried to pretend calm and took snapshots on the glass tunnel together with the grove of bamboo at the front. Nobody arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy, leaving the soaking wet benches all to me while drops of rain fell through the meshes of the metal roof. Rain began to diminish when I hold my brush up to measure the rooftop intending to redo the view in an appropriate perspective, but then I gave up the idea when the distortion on the last picture seemed to be right. Daylight began to turn bright revealing a fresh frontal view when the hedge plant grows along the jogging track was trimmed down, exposing objects that I had not seen before under the green color canopy. A gust of cool breeze wafted weird whistle from unknown specie of bird swept away the misery when I enjoyed sketching the complex view in peace. Meanwhile rain stopped and people began to arrive the park. A couple entered the scene that I was painting, their moving gesture disturbed my sight to feel dizzy that I preferred to pack, leaving the rest of the painting for the next morning.


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