Nobody was met on the dim precinct on Sunday morning. While a few park regulars were ready to leave when I met them at the entrance square of the park. Under the shadows of trees, the loads of renovation materials staked by the perimeter fence of the soccer field becoming less and less after being lay on the ground of the field. Though the park was gloomy, the flash green color of the artificial grass pads brightened up the misery morning when rain seemed to get ready to fall. I walked quickly passing the canopy by the side of the empty tennis courts where the gossip group was too busy to notice me. At the mean while the glowing condition from the highway street lamps seemed to become better than the mornings before, because no wind blow to sway the branches casting moving shadows on the paper. After settling at the dark cluster of the metal canopy I started to paint immediately. Wind began to raise blowing the trimmed hedge plants to sound breezily and daylight gradually turning bright. I was glad to complete the picture fast when people preferred to enjoy the cool weather than making nuisance on me.


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