At the breezy precinct I met park regulars leaving for home after the morning exerciser. A few people entered the park a head of me and soon disappeared. Walking pass the empty Tai Chi Square on the yellowish and shadowy pathway, I reached the canopy by the side of the tennis courts, where the oldies chatted nosily. I hurried to my painting station while the birds accompanied me in their chirps. I stated to work immediately while people were already wandering to and fro on both the pathway and jogging track. But it was very dark while the shadows of the trees cast moving on my sketch, confused my eyesight, and led me almost faint. So I tried to mix a darker tone, which did not work until I used it for another part of the sketch. On the gloomy day without sun shining, daylight broke too slowly shortening my working hour before the nasty people might come. Drizzles fell driving people to crowd under the cluster of canopy and I decided to pack after finishing the mesh metal roof leaving the rest the next morning.


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