The wind rose to blow hard at the dim prescient. A resident lives at the same tower as me greeted asking me why I could set out to work so persistently. She grumbled to me about the nasty people she met. I told her that I am working on an outdoor project and experiencing the nuisance raise by people, which is completely out of everybody’s control. While I have to bear in mind that my purpose to work in the urban park early is to fulfil the concept of my project plan. She left me alone while I was taking snapshots along the way to my painting station. Though it was windy but cool on the pathway, a few people wandered about under the shadows of trees and the gossip group chatted quietly. Knowing that I was not the only victim amongst some of nonsense groups at the urban ground, I felt relax to work at the cluster of metal canopy by the side of the basketball field, especially when I saw the group of old women who kin on spreading nasty rumours to the passers-by. It was getting darker and darker when the time has already gone pass 6:00 in the morning, but I have no time to waste because those nasty people might arrive soon as daylight turned bright. Meanwhile the birds enjoyed chirping in the cool breeze echoing to the vehicles carried passengers speeding noisily on the highway, and it was almost time for me to pack.


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