The breezy wind blew to sway the trees at the dim precinct. The renovation materials staked in front of the cluster of metal canopy at the entrance square of the park were almost removed, but the place was not opened yet to the public. Along the shadowy pathway, I saw no body but stakes of the renovation materials line up orderly at the field ready to replace the old artificial grass pads. At the empty Tai Chi Square, I heard timid voices yelling goodbye, which was then find out to be wafted from the canopy by the side of the tennis courts where the gossip group chatted to each other excitingly. To avoid being targeted as the subject for discussion, I speeded up my footsteps in the cool wind heading for my painting station. At the cluster of the metal canopy, the hedge plants grow at the plant bed along side the jogging track were weeded, enabling me to see a far and wide shot towards the direction of the basketball field, where the group of nasty old women talked disgraceful matters no more. The wind keep blowing in the gloomy park, and shadows of branches cast from the trees behind onto my picture swayed from side to side confused my eyesight to allocate the sketching lines. More people arrived to vitalize the park soon as daylight turned bright. I did not enjoy the cheer but feeling difficult to adjust the focus of my eyes upon the intensified brightness and decided to pack.


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