I met nobody at the precinct at dawn. A few joggers jogged on the jogging track and pathway without caring about the situation of the environment that I have to stay away from their speedy rush when I took snapshots at the usual spots. Except the noisy jogging step, it was so quiet that I hear neither sounds wafting from the highway nor the trees. However the bulky loads of renovation materials remained staking up at the pathways surrounding the perimeter fence of the soccer field, which physically and visually reducing space for the passers-by, and no wonder the joggers seemed to have lost their directions on the shadowy pathway. Though I was eager to see the new look of the field, but the creamy color painted on the grid of the perimeter fence, down toning the natural color of the plants, was not my cup of tea at all. Walking pass the tennis courts, I felt happy to find no sight of the gossip group and quickly took snapshots of the canopy together with the glass highway tunnel, which are located on either side of the pathway, and of course under no pressure on the nuisance raised by the nasty people. Under the misty weather, it looked much darker than usual at the cluster of the metal canopy, especially when the large trees behind blocking the glows from the highway street lamps. But the most difficult thing to tackle in the gloom was mixing relevant color tones from the scene, which resulted to be either too deep or too weak. Daylight came to reveal the faulty tones and marks, which should be excused by the natural phenomenon scheduled to be captured for the panorama.


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