The alarm clock did not ring when I woke up in the dark. I dashed to the dim prescient seeing some silhouettes of people wandering and a guy pulling his trolley of receipts for the restaurants to prepare breakfast. I then realize that it’s been a long time without meeting the newspaperman when I set off to the park in the morning. A few people striding to and fro on the shadowy pathway way while the birds joined in chirping. It was still very dark when I settled at the cluster of the metal canopy after 6:00 in the morning. When I was worrying about the deferred dawn shortening my drawing time before the nasty people might arrive to arouse nuisance on me, I heard a woman complained about me from a distance. A flock of birds came to chirp on the treetops urging me to ignore those unpleasant noises. In the gloom I saw vaguely the grids on the sketch, which inspired me to forget about the rules of capturing the images in objective precision. And so I splashed the pointed brush and quickly filling contrasting tones within the tidy squares drafted among the grids. People arrived as daylight turning bright gradually, while I was glad that I completed the picture before the canopy was crowed.


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