Though the temperature has further gone up a litter on the day of “Winter Begins”, the observatory forecasted a cool air current is blowing form Canton, and the temperature would be dropped in the following few days. People seemed to be happy on this cool and dry weather that they arrived much earlier before I complete the picture. It was dark and quiet, thin clouds hanging low upon the clear navy blue sky to indicate a fine day to come. I walked alone on the shadowy pathway that was dimly glowed by the weak highway lamppost. I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy where an oldie was already exercising on the bench at the other end of the canopy. Knowing that I was late, I start to work quickly, and chose to complete the sketch, which has been painting for a couple of mornings and wished to have it done this morning. Birds chirped on the trees, vehicles roared speedily on the highway, while morning regulars walked chatting on the pathway began to gather on the benches beside me. I did not feel annoyed because they were not the nasty people and my picture was almost done. Perhaps I was subconsciously trying to merge the confusing feelings onto the painting as a theme of experiential exerciser rather than making purely a colorful picture.


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