The seasonal North East wind blew from Canton drop the temperature. Many of the park regulars in long sleeves wandered at the shadowy entrance square of the park, and I believed that it was the cool weather drew them back to visit the park when it was still dark at dawn. Members of the Tai Chi group prepared the class busily while the gossip group chatted exciting with various subject matters. I hurried to the cluster of the metal canopy trying to escape their sight when walking passed to avoid being disturbed by their nasty comments, and of course the painting time has been cut short by the late dawn. It was still dark after 6:00 in the morning, and I could not wait to start because the grids on the mesh roof take time to draft and paint. I paid my most attention trying to mix some appropriate tones for the mesh grids in the gloom and subconsciously hear people siting on the other benches to exerciser, when the passers-by yelled to greet them. Daylight turned bright fast as well as the passers-by frequenting the pathway and the track, lucky thought they did not stay for long that enable me to catch up with the painting while the sky was turning blue  changing the hues of the scenery.


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