I took the temperature advice from the observatory and put on long sleeves. The weather was cooler than that of yesterday with no wind while there were fewer people attending the park for morning exercise. I entered the park peacefully meeting no nosy people, which allow me to pay more attention to the surroundings. I noticed the tall trees blocking the glows from the highway lamppost erect right behind the pavilion of the Tai Chi Square, causing the place too dark for people to begin exercises before dawn. However the canopy by the side of the tennis courts was shone brightly not by the highway lamppost, but the light tubes from the glass highway tunnel located opposite to it, providing a phenomenal forum for the gossip group to gather. I also noticed the geometric structure of the glass highway tunnel, having a row of palms growing in front of it along the pathway compositing a splendid view to depict. But the dancing group has already occupied the pathway at the front as their dancing floor, which proved to have no chance to try, but to retrieve my spirit to paint at the cluster of the metal canopy. In the gloom, there was no other choice but to continue drawing the meshes on the metal roof, that meant I have to keep straining my eyes to work under the sieved glow shone from the highway lamp, because the dim light only enable me to see vaguely the drawing lines on the paper. The defer daylight shortened my drawing time before the nasty people arrive, knowing that I could not be able to complete the picture within the morning in the noisy environment, I hold my breath to work as much as I could.


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