Though it was still very dark at dawn, some people already wandering about at the precinct and the others sit on the benches before the entry of the park. I walked alone on the shadowy pathway where the yellow glow from the street lamp was sieved through the branches from the row of trees. By the side of the tennis courts, the gossip group continued to criticize the unfitness of the newly elected green members of the Legislative Council. Their nauseating comments embedded a sense of irritant to the peaceful park, so I walked pass them hurryingly not wanting to stain the sense of discomfort. I sat on the bench at the cluster of the metal canopy waiting for the daylight but the birds chirped urging me to make a start. So I held the sketch up to the dim glow shone from the street lamp to paint the meshes of the roof by guessing. Daylight gradually turning bright diminished the glow of the street lamp, which did not improve the gloomy condition at all, but revealing the under tone painted for the meshes that created a sense of flatness on the picture. I felt anxious to repaint the meshes when the oldie on wheelchair arrived. It was lucky that her friend did not stay long and the area remains quiet. Yet my concentration and the link of the observation were lost….


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