I set off to the park at dawn meeting a few silhouetted regulars wandering here and there. The stable weather encouraged people to resume their normal activities, as well as the process of renovation in the park, when I saw loads of building materials accumulated by the side of the viewing platform. I guessed some of the materials would be used to replace the old fabricated grass field and the steps of viewing platform. I felt happy that I have painted and somehow preserved the old appearance of that part of the park, and of course looking forward to see the new suit. Moving silhouettes walking towards me while I was on my way to the cluster of metal canopy to set up my station to paint. Birds of vary kinds gathered on the tress without sight, chirped as loud as they could to attract the pathway audience to applauses their lyrical whistles. I felt relax upon the compromises made on the  angle of distortion on the edge of the metal roof that partially fulfilled the concept of the divergent concave. People dove their vehicles speedily on the highway to the work places while I almost finished my resolved painting before the nosy crowd might arrive.


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