Towards the end of autumn the weather was getting cool and dry. Late dawn discouraged most of the people to visit the park at the usual time, leaving the dim, quiet precinct to a few unrecognized silhouettes moving about in the dark. I entered the park alone seeing some park regulars exercising quietly in the middle of the shadowy square, while vaguely heard the birds chirping timidly amongst the trees. Neither vehicles nor people travelled on the highway or pathway respectively and the gossip group sat inside the canopy by the side of the tennis court did not make a sound. I walked pass them with no intension to greet. Though it was still very dark but I settle to work quickly because the uncertainty to meld the peripheries on the adjacent picture segment was still underway. I held the long brush up in the air to measure the length on the edge of the metal roof, and to find that the width of it has been visually shrunk. To fix the images on to the paper, I needed to enlarge the scale of the object, which appearance turned out weird. Somehow I felt that I have to trust and accept my visual judgment when capturing the scene at isolated glances, especially when I noticed the jogger in red T-shirts had been swirling uncountable cycles at the track in front. While I thought I did not want to see him again on the track before the picture was done.


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