The precinct was  gloomy and quiet as usual after the couple of typhoons visited Hong Kong within the week. Besides a few park regulars walked passed me, the park was all left to me because not even the birds were there to chirp. I hurried to the cluster of metal canopy hoping to finish the sketch before more people might arrive on Sunday morning. It was too dark to see any markings made on the paper that I hold the paper up to the sieved glow between the shadows of the branches. When the problem to see faint sketchy lines on the paper under the dim glow has been sorted out, I heard walking and jogging steps of people approaching both on the pathway behind and the jogging track in front, as well as the mischievous greeting of the nosy people wafted to my ears clearly in the quiet darkness. But that did not distract my concentration to paint because I began to gain more confidence to construct the portion of the view that continues to flow from the adjacent segment with relationship to the concept on divergent concave. Daylight gradually turning bright assisted me to mix appropriate colors from the palette instead of solely guessing. And I was happy to complete the sketch just when the nosy people began to arrive.


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