The precinct was messily covering with debris of broken branches, foliage, and plants. Some unidentifiable stuffs scattering on the ground together with the crocked branches on the trees created a miserable scene after the visit of typhoon Haima yesterday. Inside the dark and gloomy park, people exercised without talking while the joggers jogged carefully on the cluttered pathways. Neither the Tai Chi nor the Gossip Group arrived yet leaving an old woman wandering round the partly glowed square. I hurried to my painting station at the cluster of the metal canopy since rain stopped at midnight. It was almost 6:00 in the morning by the time I settle to paint, but the darkness did not allow me to observe but estimate the scene by memory. I tried to sort out the proportions of the view for the subsequent segments according the to scales painted on the strip below while drizzle began to fall. I opened my umbrella and quickly laydown brush strokes and color by guessing the hue. Daylight turned bright bringing more isolated drizzles to keep falling on and off, while the members of the dancing group walked pass on the pathway complaining noisily about the dancing location has become too chaotic to practice, and I decided to pack after the rough sketch.


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